Po Valley

Upper Po Valley

On the territory of three small villages at the foot of Monviso – already known as Mons Vesulus in ancient times due to its visibility from the plains of Piedmont and Lombardy – the visitor will find a rare and fascinating mix of history, nature, sports, and traditions. There are stories to know, views to admire, and sports to practise in summer and winter.

Do you know the story of the green stone of Oncino and the Oncino jade jewellery once made thousands of years ago, and now found in Europe?

Do you know which role Crissolo and the upper valley played in the history of alpinism and summer and winter tourism?

Do you know that in Ostana – one of the most beautiful villages of Italy and example of an alpine renaissance – you will not only enjoy tradition and architecture but also breath-taking views that are the envy of the whole world?

Maybe you have heard about the popular trekking Giro del Monviso, but have heard less about the multitude of sports you can practise in the Monviso Valleys: road cycling, mountain biking, trail biking, snowshoeing, ski touring, hiking in the middle valley, downhill skiing at the two local multi-activity resorts of Crissolo – Pian Regina and Pian Muné…

Come and discover these places: you will love them all!

The Oustano Routes

The ancient routes of Ostana are hiking itineraries which allow you to discover the alpine culture. [read more]

Varaita Valley

Museum of time and of sundials

The records centre of the Museum of time and of sundials, located in Bellino in the hamlet of Celle, offers an interpretation for whosoever wishes…
[read more]

Po Valley

The Hill of Revello

From the hill of Revello, a natural “balcony”, you can admire the truly spectacular view of the mountain where it is transformed into the plain.

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