Archaeological area of Mount Roccerè – Roccabruna

The archaeological area of Roccerè is a site of cave art at the foot of the Maira valley.
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Scuola di Alto Perfezionamento Musicale (APM) – Conservatory

With its Music, Dance, Theatre and New Technologies departments, the APM School has been an important meeting point for professional musicians, music lovers and new talent for thirty years.

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Santuario di Sant’anna di Vinadio

At a height of 2000 metres, in an enchanting valley amongst marmots and green fields, is the Sanctuary of Sant’Anna di Vinadio, a pilgrimage destination for millions of the faithful as well as a tourist spot for the beauty of the countryside in which it is immersed.

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Hamlet Paraloup

Paraloup is a small village situated at 1400m in the municipality of Rittana.  In 1943, it offered hospitality to the first partisan band of Justice and Liberty, captained by Duccio Galimberti.  Personalities like Dante Livio Bianco, Nuto Revelli and Leo Scamuzzi, who were destined to become leading characters in the struggle for liberation, also passed through the village.
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Fort Albertino in the Stura Valley

The Fort Albertino is at Vinadio, in the upper Stura Valley, and is a masterpiece of military engineering and technology.  Built in just 11 years, it was completed in 1847 by Carlo Alberto of Savoy.
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Espaci Occitan, the Museum and Institute of Occitan Studies

The Espaci Occitan Institute of studies (Occitan Space) in Dronero is a centre that collects documents on Occitan culture located at the mouth of the Maira Valley.

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Maira valley

The Mill of the Riviera

The Mill of the Riviera at Dronero welcomes visitors interested in finding out about its arduous activity.

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Varaita Valley

The Sound Factory

Dedicated entirely to sound and music, the Sound Factory of Venasca in Varaita Valley is the first theme park of this type in Italy.
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