Varaita Valley

Charonto adventure path

The trail goes above the hamlet of Charonto di Frassino winding its way through rocky terrain at a height of between 1,010 and 1,270 metres.
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The snow at the foot of the King of Stone

For those who love having fun in the snow, the Po Valley has a rich and ample offering of winter activities.

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The Cave of Rio Martino

La Grotta di Rio Martino at Crissolo, in the upper Po Valley, is one of the most famous and important caves in Piedmont.
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Maira Valley

Plateau of Gardetta – Canosio

Situated at the intersection of three valleys,  the plateau of Gardetta   is a vast landscape featuring a host of geological-naturalistic phenomena.

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Tour of Rocca La Meja – Canosio

The  tour di Rocca la Meja  (Gino Gertosio Trail) is a ring route in the upper Maira Valley at the foot of the majestic, limestone, Dolomite peak.
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The trail of Cyclamen in Macra

A simple  ring route  combining nature, art and sport which picks up the old mule track, and goes through various hamlets which are abundant in the typical architecture of this territory.

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Po Valley


Very close to the city of art of Saluzzo and to the island in the time of Staffarda, Paracollo is a fascinating site from a nature point of view.
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Stura Valley

Horse trail of the Stura Valley

The bridle path takes you on a horse ride along the Stura di Demonte Valley through the stunning, rugged landscape which this area has to offer.

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