Archaeological area of Mount Roccerè – Roccabruna

A tale etched in the rocks

The archaeological area of Roccerè is a site of cave art at the foot of the Maira valley.

You can do a ring excursion starting from Sant’Anna di Roccabruna, discovering a variety of shapes and arrangements of rock engravings, known as “Coppelle”, which date back to the Bronze Age.  The route, which is interspersed with wooden panels marked with gold indicator notches, leads up to the summit of Roccerè.

Of particular interest are the Masso Altare (rock altar), the Roccias Fenestre (stone windows), the Trono del Re (King’s throne) and the Grotta (cave) di Barmascura.  Along the route you will find numerous cup mark figures engraved in stone.  The climb is around 550 metres and the route takes about four hours.  There is a shuttle service should you want it.

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