Po Valley

Balma Boves

An open-air museum on the slopes of Mombracco

Today, Balma Boves – an old settlement built under an enormous rock roof – is a museum hamlet situated at an elevation of 652 m and at a distance around a half hour of easy walking from Rocchetta di Sanfront.

Surrounded by a forest of centenary sweet chestnut trees, this place is a fascinating and perfectly conserved proof of peasant life.

With a waterfall waiting at the end of a mule track delineated by stone slabs, you will find yourself immersed in a rural microcosm that, with its buildings and backdrop of life and labour, transports the visitor back into a bygone era.

Along the mule track that leads to Balma Boves, an itinerary starts uphill to Rocca La Casna where petroglyphs can be admired.

The 2018 season of guided tours starts on Easter Sunday, April 1st, and continues every Sunday until October (from mid-June to mid-September guided tours are also available on Saturdays).

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