Po Valley

Bike Monviso

42-km ring cycling route

Bike Monviso is a ring cycling route suitable for all, families and experts.

It runs between the middle and lower Po Valley, across the land of the municipalities of  PaesanaSanfront,RifreddoGambascaMartiniana Po and Revello,.  The height goes from 339 m at Revello to a maximum of 658 m at Paesana.

The route is signposted by blue arrows with “Bike Monviso“.written in white.

It is a route of medium difficulty on which slight descents and climbs alternate on a mixture of paved roads and tracks.  It is feasible from March to November and even in winter if dry.  It should be tackled with bicycles suitable for cross country.

Within it, there are three lower rings of about 11-15 km which can be done individually.

It is not a cycling path and so it is not exclusively for bicycles.

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