Maira valley

The Mill of the Riviera

The Mill of the Riviera at Dronero welcomes visitors interested in finding out about its arduous activity.

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Varaita Valley

The Sound Factory

Dedicated entirely to sound and music, the Sound Factory of Venasca in Varaita Valley is the first theme park of this type in Italy.
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Miché Berra Centre of 20th century art

The centre is laid out in the Palazzo Sarriod de La Tour, an ancient and prestigious building located in the historic heart of Costigliole Saluzzo.
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Galleani Spinning wheel in Caraglio

Built between 1676-78 by Giovanni Gerolamo Galleani, it was a factory of silk yarn until the middle of the 1930s.

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Varaita Valley

Museum of time and of sundials

The records centre of the Museum of time and of sundials, located in Bellino in the hamlet of Celle, offers an interpretation for whosoever wishes…
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Po Valley

Staffarda Abbey and woodlands

Entering the Abbey is like taking a leap backwards in time and returning to the Middle Ages.  In the shapes of the columns, the lights, the frescoes, even the odours, it is not difficult to imagine the monastic life which existed within those walls.
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Grana Valley

Hospice of the Trinity in Valgrana

The Trinity hospice, a 15th century building, was established in Via Roma in the Villa district of Valgrana.  The building was intended for receiving pilgrims.
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