A rich historical past and a present that has gone all-in on culture. Move invites you to discover Occitan identity and the ancient remains of the Marquisate in popular traditions, in music and art, castles and stately mansions. Discover art and culture with Move.

Archaeological area of Mount Roccerè – Roccabruna

The archaeological area of Roccerè is a site of cave art at the foot of the Maira valley.
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Po Valley

The Bronda Valley to visit

Not to be missed, a visit to the oldest and most precious possessions of the Bronda Valley.

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The Parish church of Saint John the Baptist

Celle Macra, a small town linked to the  history of the anchovy traders, is the custodian of a work of art of rare beauty in its Parish church: the altarpiece of Hans Clemer.
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Grana Valley

The Journey of San Magno

Walking along the Journey of San Magno , or Viol de San Manh, involves undertaking a journey into the heart and soul of the Grana Valley and the Occitan mountains.

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| Maira Valley

The Museum of Pels in Elva

The Museum of Pels in Elva houses the memory of a unique trade which grew up in the mountains of the Maira Valley – that of the hair collectors.

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The Parish church of St. Peter in Vincoli

A visit to the ancient Benedictine abbey of Villar San Costanzo immerses one in a medieval monastic atmosphere.

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The Oustano Routes

The ancient routes of Ostana are hiking itineraries which allow you to discover the alpine culture. [read more]

Scuola di Alto Perfezionamento Musicale (APM) – Conservatory

With its Music, Dance, Theatre and New Technologies departments, the APM School has been an important meeting point for professional musicians, music lovers and new talent for thirty years.

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