A unique landscape to be discovered nestled in nature. Move will take you step by step in the valleys of Monviso: hiking, cycling, forest walks, nature reserves, eco-museums and much more. Experience nature in the open air with Move.

Grana Valley

Itinerary “Seta e Pera Madernassa”

A double flat route that can be entirely or partially crossed. [read more]

Maira Valley

Itinerary Chiappera – Cascate di Stroppia

An easy trail that alternates unpaved tracks with paved ones. [read more]

Saluzzo Plain

Itinerary Saluzzo – Castellar

easy route that links Saluzzo to the entrance of the Bronda Valley, dominated by the evocative
fortress of Castellar with the homonymous castle build in the 14th century by the Marquesses of
Saluzzo. [read more]

Varaita Valley

Route Anello delle borgate di Sampeyre

A tourist route that will make you discover the villages of Villar, Roccia and Villaretto, located
upstream of Sampeyre. [read more]

Saluzzo Plain

Route Saluzzo – Lagnasco – Manta

A quiet ride in Saluzzo’s countryside. In spring, you can enjoy the blossoming of fruit trees. [read more]

Saluzzo Plain

Route Saluzzo – Scarnafigi – Lagnasco

The first tract stretches along the Eurovelo 8 line (also known as “The Mediterranean road”. With
its 5.900 km, it links Cadiz, Spain to Limassol, Ciprus). [read more]

Stura Valley

Route Colle di Puriac

Despite its moderate length, this route crosses one of the most panoramic valleys of the whole area:
the Puriac. [read more]

Grana Valley

Route Anello Chamin Classic

This route, recently drawn and well-preserved thanks to the help of some local volunteers, connects
most of the villages of the Municipality of Montemale. [read more]

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