Grana Valley


Wedged between the Stura and the Maira Valleys, this small Occitan valley cherishes a precious natural heritage that stretches well beyond the two sites of Community interest included in the area.

Castelmagno cheese is its most popular and appreciated product. The majestic Shrine occupies an area that was considered to be sacred even by pre-Christian shepherds. All this is thanks the extraordinary balance reached along the millennia between men and nature.

Cycling lovers cannot miss the Fauniera pass: Pantani’s marble statue reminds of one of the most legendary races of the most beloved protagonist of modern cycling. The legend of cycling meets here the legends of a land worth discovering.

Grana Valley

Itinerary “Seta e Pera Madernassa”

A double flat route that can be entirely or partially crossed. [read more]

Grana Valley

Route Anello Chamin Classic

This route, recently drawn and well-preserved thanks to the help of some local volunteers, connects
most of the villages of the Municipality of Montemale. [read more]

Grana Valley

Route Anello Rampignado Classic

This route crosses the track of the renowned “Rampignado”, a MTB cyclosportive that, since
1993, has welcomed several bikers form all over Italy, ready to tackle its 1.100 of difference in
altitude. [read more]

Grana Valley

Route Anello Montemale – Piatta – Castelmagno

A rather complex route that includes two tough uphill sections made famous by the last editions of
the road cyclosportive known as “Fausto Coppi”. Every year, at the beginning of July, it welcomes
bike enthusiasts coming from all over Europe. [read more]

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