A unique landscape to be discovered nestled in nature. Move will take you step by step in the valleys of Monviso: hiking, cycling, forest walks, nature reserves, eco-museums and much more. Experience nature in the open air with Move.

Grana Valley

Route Anello Rampignado Classic

This route crosses the track of the renowned “Rampignado”, a MTB cyclosportive that, since
1993, has welcomed several bikers form all over Italy, ready to tackle its 1.100 of difference in
altitude. [read more]

Maira Valley

Route Anello del Monte Bellino

A wide-ranging route that crosses the wild valley of Traversiera. The wide high-altitude pastures
leave room to the stony ground of the Bellino Mountain, which almost reaches 3.000 asl. [read more]

Varaita Valley

Itinerary “Sentieri Lanzetti e Crotto”

This route includes two old upper-valley connections leading to the Col Agnel, with beautiful views on the peaks of the valley chain. [read more]

Varaita Valley

Route Anello Strada dei Cannoni

A long trail that, starting from the bottom of the Varaita Valley, leads to the higher area of Bellino
while crossing the panoramic “Strada dei Cannoni” situated at the border with the Maira Valley. [read more]

Po Valley

Route Anello della Valle Bronda

A nice route that offers a 360° view over the Bronda and Po valleys with some charming views
on the Bracco Monutain and, of course, on the Monte Viso. [read more]

Po Valley

Route Pian del Lupo, Rifugio Infernotto, Montescotto

An interesting route both for its technicalities and for the panoramic views on the Po and Infernotto
valleys. A first uphill trail leads to the beautiful and sunny village of Agliasco. [read more]

Po Valley

Route Anello Croce Tournour

On clear and sunny days, this route offers a charming view of the Monte Viso as well as on the
whole Po Valley. [read more]

Saluzzo Plain

Route San Bernardo del Vecchio – Saluzzo

An evocative route that starts and finishes in the medieval square called piazza Castello, surmounted
by the majestic Castiglia tower. [read more]

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