Saluzzo and its Plain


During the Middle Ages, the plain that hosts the “King of Stone” valleys used to be the land of the Marchises of Saluzzo, whose artistic heritage is still visible in both the local town-planning and the architecture. The heritage of the Marchisate of Saluzzo lives today in several castles and noble residences distributed all over the territory: from the Castile of Saluzzo to the Castle of the Marchises in Manta, from the residence of Racconigi to the Tapparelli Castles of Lagnasco.

Historic buildings and ancient churches dot the roads of the Saluzzo plain, which tourists appreciate also thanks to the local gastronomy, which spans from orchards to holdings of cattle breeds such as the Friesian and the Piedmontese.

Along the road routes among the villages of the Saluzzo region, cycle tourists can also discover the excellence of artisanship such as the processing of Luserna stone or the quartzite of Barge. 

Saluzzo Plain

Itinerary Saluzzo – Castellar

easy route that links Saluzzo to the entrance of the Bronda Valley, dominated by the evocative
fortress of Castellar with the homonymous castle build in the 14th century by the Marquesses of
Saluzzo. [read more]

Saluzzo Plain

Route Saluzzo – Lagnasco – Manta

A quiet ride in Saluzzo’s countryside. In spring, you can enjoy the blossoming of fruit trees. [read more]

Saluzzo Plain

Route Saluzzo – Scarnafigi – Lagnasco

The first tract stretches along the Eurovelo 8 line (also known as “The Mediterranean road”. With
its 5.900 km, it links Cadiz, Spain to Limassol, Ciprus). [read more]

Saluzzo Plain

Route San Bernardo del Vecchio – Saluzzo

An evocative route that starts and finishes in the medieval square called piazza Castello, surmounted
by the majestic Castiglia tower. [read more]

Saluzzo Plain

Route Saluzzo – Racconigi – Savigliano

A flat route that partially extends along the “Cyclo Monviso” route and that, along secondary
roads, connects Saluzzo to Racconigi and Savigliano, offering the chance to admire their charming
historical centres. [read more]

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