Maira Valley


Gorges and steep rocky cliffs, wide basins and majestic mountains: the Maira Valley is noble and powerful at once. For about three centuries, it was organised in a Confederation gathering 12 independently administered municipalities. They used to refer to the rules contained in the statutes, drafted starting from the 13th century. Thanks to the isolation of some of its settlements, it managed to preserve the typical features of the d’Oc language, such as pronunciation and lexis.

Whether riding a bicycle or a mountain bike, the Maira Valley offers challenging routes interspersed with softer ones, along ancient military roads that cross the charming surroundings. Its villages have maintained their original rural architecture, preserving ancient furnaces, mills, churches decorated with frescoes painted by travelling artists.

Unspoilt natural areas: the Natural reserve of Ciciu del Villar, with its rocks eroded by water that remind of mushrooms. The plateau of the Gardetta, which is part of the Italian Geologic Heritage, with its fossils of marine organisms and the prints left by a dinosaurs’ ancestor. The Archeological Site of Rocceré, with its petroglyphs on the steep rocky towers, known as cupels.

Maira Valley

Itinerary Chiappera – Cascate di Stroppia

An easy trail that alternates unpaved tracks with paved ones. [read more]

Maira Valley

Route Anello del Monte Bellino

A wide-ranging route that crosses the wild valley of Traversiera. The wide high-altitude pastures
leave room to the stony ground of the Bellino Mountain, which almost reaches 3.000 asl. [read more]

Maira Valley

Route Anello Montemale – Sant’Anna di Roccabruna

This double route includes two uphill tracks loved by road cycling lovers. The first one reaches
the secluded Municipality of Montemale, characterised by the unmistakable profile of the castle. [read more]

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