A unique landscape to be discovered nestled in nature. Move will take you step by step in the valleys of Monviso: hiking, cycling, forest walks, nature reserves, eco-museums and much more. Experience nature in the open air with Move.

The valley in twelve stages

Varaita Valley Trekking

Varaita Valley Trekking is a different way of discovering a range of places in this enchanting valley, which is rich in history.  An itinerary in stages covering the entire valley in twelve days, climbing up by the south facing slope, descending on the opposite side.

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Varaita Valley

Charonto adventure path

The trail goes above the hamlet of Charonto di Frassino winding its way through rocky terrain at a height of between 1,010 and 1,270 metres.
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Cycling: among castles and orchards in bloom

A smooth, flat path, suitable for all, winds its way through the natural beauty of the orchard filled countryside around Saluzzo.
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The Occitan Paths

Eighteen stages to discover the essence of this unspoiled valley, a concentrate of nature, history and art.
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Saluzzo Plain

Trekking: hills of the homeland – Verzuolo

After the 8th September 1943, many of the young from Saluzzo took their first steps in the Resistance along these trails, leaving behind their homes and moving to the mountains.
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Archaeological area of Mount Roccerè – Roccabruna

The archaeological area of Roccerè is a site of cave art at the foot of the Maira valley.
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Eco-museum trails

In the upper Stura Valley of Demonte, there are two types of trail to be found; one which winds from Pontebernardo to Sambuco and is suitable for families; and another which links Pontebernardo to Ferrere and is suitable for hikers.

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Trekking: the ring of Verzuolo

This brief route leaves from the centre of Verzuolo and follows the trails which the partisans passed along when they came secretly down from the mountain to visit their families.

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