Cycling: among castles and orchards in bloom

A smooth path through the beautiful countryside of Saluzzo

Pista ciclabile di Lagnasco

A smooth, flat path, suitable for all, winds its way through the natural beauty of the orchard filled countryside around Saluzzo.

The route forms a ring – indicated by signposts placed by the Cyclomonviso cross border project – which enables you to reach the towns of Scarnafigi, Lagnasco and Manta returning afterwards to Saluzzo along the cycle path.

As well as the magnificent spectacle of flowering orchards in the Spring, the itinerary enables you all the year round to reach the 3 most important castles in the Saluzzo area: the Tapparelli castles complex at Lagnasco, the Castello della Manta and, with a small diversion along the scenic via Matteo Olivero, the Castile of Saluzzo.

Contact info

Ufficio Turistico IAT
Piazza Risorgimento, 1
Saluzzo - CN
(+39) 0175 46710

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