Saluzzo plain

Cycling: in the two hearts of the city of Saluzzo

Outside and inside the ancient walls

Pista ciclabile di Lagnasco

A fascinating trail through the lower and upper parts of the city, amid architecture and urban areas of different periods.

You set off from Tapparelli Park along the cycle paths of corso IV Novembre and corso Roma, reaching the 19th century district which grew up outside the ancient city walls, in the lower part of the city, around the cathedral. This is the beating heart of the city’s economy with business premises and hotels, as well as where the nightlife happens.

From here, you climb up towards piazza Castello, at the top of the medieval town, presided over by the imposing tower of the Castle.

A gentle climb takes you across via Bodoni and the charming via Olivero and via San Bernardino.  When you reach piazza Castello, it is advisable to visit the magnificent 14th century town on foot.

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