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Ethnographic Museum of Sampeyre

Ancient crafts and traditions of the Upper Varaita Valley

In about ten rooms, the museum accommodates implements for agricultural work, for baking and for wool production.

There are also different workshops of jobs including farrier, woodworking and metalworking, as well as traditional costumes and period photographs.

The museum also has a collection of models of the characters of the Baia and the original banners of the four Baias of Sampeyre.  During the summer, the museum organises evening events, internships and get togethers.

In fact, the museum is not just a permanent exhibition of ancient objects but also a centre of cultural promotion, a meeting place both for tourists and for residents, with a calendar of events which begins by enhancing the local cultural heritage and then expands to much bigger topics.

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Opening times: July and September at weekends and on holidays; every day during August

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