Grana Valley

Hospice of the Trinity in Valgrana

On a discovery of a unique work of art

The Trinity hospice, a 15th century building, was established in Via Roma in the Villa district of Valgrana.  The building was intended for receiving pilgrims.

Hidden in a courtyard, hinting at the passing of the centuries, it is well worth a visit for the exceptional nature of the fresco painted by the Biasacci brothers of Busca around 1460-1470.  It shows the Trinity, depicted according to horizontal iconography: Father, Son and Holy Spirit seen as three identical male busts, which emerge from the same body blessing and holding a book in the hand.  The horizontal representation was removed from most buildings, as it was considered to be disrespectful of the divine figure.  Valgrana represents one of the few examples saved over the course of the centuries.

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