Ice Cave – Pertus d’la Patarassa

In the Grana Valley, the ice teardrops of a young maiden…

Conca di Chiappi in Castelmagno is the symbol of the Grana Valley.

The majestic Sanctuary, rich in history and frescoes, is the starting point for a smooth hike that brings us to the Ice Cave (or “Pertus d’la Patarassa”), a natural hollow where all year round you can see stalactites and stalagmites of ice. The passageway on Mount Crocette, which owes its name to the many small crosses erected by pilgrims on their way to San Magno, offers a spectacular panoramic view over the valley below.

The proposed route has a linear itinerary with departure and arrival at the Sanctuary of San Magno. The hike lasts a total 4 and a half hours, with a total climb of about 700 metres; the only short and more challenging segment when heading out on the way back.

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