Po Valley

Museum of Po Revello

The whole Park in a Museum

Museo del Po di Revello

Three dioramas telling about the Monviso Park, from the mountain to the plain.  A tour to find out about the environment and animals, to see them close up, in their own habitats.

The first diorama takes us on a discovery of the alpine environment, with roe deer, chamois and black grouse.  In the second diorama, we move into the broadleaf woods, where we meet a family of boars, the marten, the weasel and numerous birds.  Finally, in the diorama of the plain, we come to the Po and the river bank environment, rich with mammals like the fox and the badger and some wonderful birds like the kingfisher and the bee eater.





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Sundays 2.30 p.m–6.30 p.m.

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