Maira Valley

Plateau of Gardetta – Canosio

The ancient fossils tell the story of a sea that is no more

Situated at the intersection of three valleys,  the plateau of Gardetta   is a vast landscape featuring a host of geological-naturalistic phenomena.

The rocks in this area tell of the ancient presence of volcanoes, rivers, beaches, lagoons, coasts and seas.  The recent discovery of a  dinosaur footprint has increased even further the geological importance of this site positioned at the foot of  Rocca la Meja.  The plateau is accessible in late Spring and summer, preferably from the Comune of Canosio in the Maira Valley and is ideal for a short family walk.  From here, you can set off on a range of hikes of varying levels, on foot or by mtb and on the numerous  climbing trails  on Rocca la Meja.

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