Po Valley

Staffarda Abbey and woodlands

A dive into the past

Abbazia di Staffarda

Entering the Abbey is like taking a leap backwards in time and returning to the Middle Ages.  In the shapes of the columns, the lights, the frescoes, even the odours, it is not difficult to imagine the monastic life which existed within those walls.

The market square, the little canal adjacent, the cloister: its tranquility draws people in, the variety of shapes form a succession of figures and themes which is truly special.

Like the colony of rare bats which spends the summer in a large local area reserved for them after many years of being persecuted.

The forests of Staffarda, the last in the plain, although shaped by the work of man, are a worthy setting.  They can be crossed on foot or by bicycle following the cycle paths provided by the Monviso Park.


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