Po Valley

The Bronda Valley to visit

Art and history just a few steps away from Saluzzo

Not to be missed, a visit to the oldest and most precious possessions of the Bronda Valley.

 The Abbey of Saints Pietro and Colombano in Pagno is a treasure trove of fragments of art and history. Founded in 750, it has a façade in Romanesque style, frescoes of the school of Hans Clemer, paintings that date back to 1100 and treasures the remains of an early Christian pavement.

In Castellar, St. Pontius (13th century) is both a rustic rural chapel and a gem of late Gothic architecture.

The Castle of Castellar, built in 1270, is now privately owned but open to visitors, and houses a collection of military memorabilia.

The Tower of the 12th century and the old stone, arched bridge are significant reminders of this place’s history and provide a charming backdrop to the village of Brondello.

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