Po Valley

The Hill of Revello

Where the mountain gives way to the plains

La collina di Revello

From the hill of Revello, a natural “balcony”, you can admire the truly spectacular view of the mountain where it is transformed into the plain.

Your gaze sweeps over the delightful tiled roofs of the town, across the expanses of orchards, to the Po moving away into the distance.  Behind is the mountain: first dotted with olive groves, vegetable gardens and flower gardens then, gradually, covered by forests of chestnut trees.  A road which is partly dirt track gives you easy access to a beguiling land, rich in architectural and historical treasures: the bell tower which bears the signs of the German guns during the last war, San Leonardo with its bell tower on a rock, the church hidden under a rocky spur, and a thousand other marvels.


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The paths of the Hill of Revello are freely accessible.

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