Maira Valley

The Roe Deer Trail in Cartignano

A walk in the shadow of the Castle of the Maira Valley

An easy ring trail  through the hamlets of Cartignano fully marked with red and white notches.

Starting from piazza del Municipio, the path climbs up the south facing slope of the mountain, encountering on its way examples of typical period architecture: the ancient  bridge, the  church of san Lorenzothe church of san Bernardo, the pillar and the washhouse of the village  Chaudieres.    You might even meet some wild animals.  Duration: around three and a half hours.

The 15th century Castle of the Berardi stands out in the centre of Cartignano.  It is located in a panoramic position overlooking the Maira stream and is the only fortified building in the valley.

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