The trails of memory

Hiking ring in Oncino between the villages and conca delle Bigorie

A pleasant hike taking around 5 hours which goes through the most typical hamlets and sites of historic and environmental interest in the region of di Ounçin.

Santalàrt, lou Moulin dal Parcou, Cò di Sère, Narlonc, Lei Bigorie, Lou Sère, Sant’Anno, are the place names of the sites which you will come across along the way.

This itinerary, which stretches upwards to between 1215 and 1500m in height, goes through a wooded landscape with breathtaking panoramic glimpses over the Monviso and with signs of local history and life.  It is both feasible and appealing in summer as well as Spring and early autumn.

The basin of the Bigorie hosted some of the trials for the 2014 Italian Mountain Running Championship.

Ask for the map  I La Grotta di Rio Martino a Crissolo,Sentieri della memoria  (trails of memory) at the I.A.T. of the Po Valley

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