Tour of Rocca La Meja – Canosio

At the foot of the Cathedral of Rock

The  tour di Rocca la Meja  (Gino Gertosio Trail) is a ring route in the upper Maira Valley at the foot of the majestic, limestone, Dolomite peak.

Starting at the area known as “Grange Selvest”   , the path winds through varied landscape: forests, lakes, alpine plains and rocky sections.  A wonderful mix of panoramas, it is suitable for trekking enthusiasts.  The route runs along the foot of the famous  Rocca la Meja, renowned for its numerous  climbing trails   The itinerary is fully marked with arrows and red and white notches along the track.  The climb is around 900 metres, hiking level and takes about five hours.  Summer itinerary.

It is worth noting, in the adjacent area, the Plateau of the Gardetta, which is classified as a site of Italian Geological Heritage.

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