Urban trekking: the walk of the Marquis – Saluzzo

Sweet climbs in the green amidst urban views of elegant beauty

Itinerario passeggiata del Marchese

For those wishing to sample the pleasure of an out of town walk on low hills, it is a 6 km path suitable for all.

Semi-flat and on tarmac roads, the itinerary also lends itself very well to power walking.  From the centre of Saluzzo, you follow via Bodoni until you reach the boundary with Manta, then take via San Bernardino which climbs up towards the hill, returning through the historic city centre.

Along the route are numerous points of interest such as the botanical garden of Villa Bricherasio, the Villa Belvedere, once the hunting lodge of the marquises of Saluzzo and the church and convent of San Bernardino.

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