Urban trekking: tour of San Lorenzo – Saluzzo | Saluzzo plain

Urban trekking: tour of San Lorenzo – Saluzzo

Strolling among the Saluzzo hills

Itinerario passeggiata del Marchese

A walk that offers a staggering view with a perfect vantage point on the Monviso and the Western Alps.

A hilly path on paved roads 5 km long, suitable for everyone, though you may need some training if you plan to travel it by fit-walking, because of certain steep points along the climb.

Along the hike, you can see the small church of San Lorenzo (privately owned and first built in the 11th century), preceded by a fountain on the right side of the road; the Village of Peace of the Cenacolo community; Villa Belvedere, formerly a hunting house of the marquises of Saluzzo, and the Church and convent of San Bernardino, important and charming complex that dates back to the 15th century.

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Ufficio Turistico IAT
Piazza Risorgimento, 1
Saluzzo (Cuneo) - Italy
(+39) 017546710 - toll free number (in Italy): 800392789

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